Macky 2 Ft. Dimple Williams – System

Macky 2 and Dimple Williams finally offers us a spanking love song titled “System.

Kalandanya Music Promotions top-rated rapper, Macky 2, is tirelessly driving his fans on his music journey with great tunes. One such is this new single titled “System,” featuring Dimple Williams.

Macky 2 and Dimple Williams’s music chemistry is fantastic, as they once again create an incredible song together after their last single, ‘Kabotolo.’

Miles Came Along handled the ear-catching production of the song, while DJ Lo For Reel Studios shot and directed the video.

Without further ado, check out the song “System”. You will love it!!!

Notable Lyrics:

My Doctor Says I Need To Slow Down (Slow Down)
Cause I’m So Addicted To You (Addicted To You)
Ndiwe Mankwala Yenimafuna Just To Function Manje Umanipasa Overdose

You Know How We Do This

Nima Yesa Kuku Chokamo But Chimakanga Ndaba Umanipasa Overdose (Overdose)
We Just Warming Up
1, 2, 3…

Baby, I’m So Used To you
Ine Nangu Nakulufyanya You Understand
I Don’t Need No Antidote When You Blow My Mind
Ine Sininga Pole Awe Unangena Kale Mu System
Kale Kale Kale x3

Unangena Kale Mu System
Kale Kale Kale x3
Unangena Kale Mu System

Oh Ah Yeah, Oh Ah Yeah Yeah Yeah, Oh Ah Yeah, Oh Ah Yeah Yeah Yeah



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