Advertising is essential in building a relationship with your audience. It helps to increase sales and profit. It is a source of revenue for public media and creates awareness to customers about a new product. Advertising is necessary for any company to build its brand and make the targeted audience aware of its services. That is why zambianplay wants to help you promote your business, site, or product through blog posts, banner ads, or text links placed on the ZambianPlay website.

We Run Five Types Of Adverts;

1. Sponsored Posts – these are ads crafted to look like the environment they appear in; they are made in a way that makes them blend in and not become disruptive.

2. Banner Ads are placed in high traffic areas on a website where the user’s eye often wonders browsing. These areas include the bottom, front, or side of the webpage. The ads use rectangular graphics displays that are bright and welcoming.

3. Text Link Ads – here, words and individual phrases turn into links and appear in a different colour from the rest of the text to make them stand out. These ads were controversial because innocent users were robbed by clicking on links. However, text Link Ads do not have to prevent you from getting text link ads because ZambianPlay is a transparent and reputable business with clean records; therefore, you don’t have to worry about spam efforts.

4. Rich Media Ads – Involve advanced features like videos, animations, audio, and other motion types. These features entice viewers and encourage them to engage with the advertised content. In addition, they have better metrics than traditional ads.

5. Video Ads – are promotional content that plays before, during, or after the content stream. There are various examples like in-stream ads, non-linear ads, shoppable, and rewarded ads.

All these types are available at at affordable rates, and we will advise you on the best adverts according to your needs. Please find us on email at We get back to our customers after an hour.