About Us

Music is just one of those things that you can never get enough of, and the more you invite it into your days, the better your life will become. As Zambians, we understand this on a deep level. We love music, seeking it out in everything that we do, striving to spend our time smiling and laughing, working hard so that we can relax even harder, dancing or bobbing along with our favourite tunes again and again. At zambianplay.com, we celebrate the fun and carefree spirit of Zambia, presenting a wide range of content that includes music, videos, news, interviews, and music-related editorials. Zambianplay is the number one source for Zambian Music, giving you great music from all your beloved acts and bands.

Launched in August 2015, zambianplay.com is a website founded by Mwelwa Kasanga. It has overgrown in popularity over the last four years, racking up a loyal following and growing in its size and breadth every day. Currently, the site ranks among the topmost visited African music websites, and its audience ranges from one end of the country to the other.

There is always new content on zambianplay.com, and whatever your beat is. So however you like to get your blood pumping and your body moving, you can turn to us!

Our Mission

Zambianplay aims to publish, advertise & promote your local entertainment media content to give you a wide range & audience of millions of listeners & viewers within & across the borders of Zambia.

Zambianplay’s second aim is to give its viewers the best of premiers & updates to keep all viewers up-to-date with the freshest & latest media content.