‘Honorable you have no honor!’ B Flow tells Bowman Lusambo

B Flow is not happy about what Bowman Lusambo had to say about him in parliament. Bowman Lusambo appeared in parliament yesterday and talked about singers B Flow and Kings Malembe.

Some months ago B Flow and Kings Malembe spoke against the government its oppression of the Zambian youths. Bowman Lusambo did not take this well and demanded that they apologize. Malembe quickly went to social media to apologize. However, B Flow chose to stand on his word and did not apologize.

Like most stories in Zambia, the incident quickly died down after some back and forth between the artist and the minister.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lusambo yesterday chose to bring up the subject in parliament. He alleged that B Flow apologized to him and that he has sponsored his music on several occasions. he further alleged that he talks to his parents every single day.

This statement has enraged B Flow who has taken to social media to call the minister a liar. B Flow also confirmed that his parents died a long time ago.

“Honorable you have no honor,” he wrote. “I don’t eat with liars neither do I sit in cars that belong to unintelligent people who allegedly got their positions through bootlicking. Put some respect on my name. This name you are trying to mess with is mentioned by world leaders who possess integrity. Not some self-proclaimed bootlicker who doesn’t even deserve to be called honorable. I wish the legislature could discipline parliamentarians who tell lies on the floor of parliament. Shame.”

An hour later, he followed up with another post writing,” Did you say you talk to my parents every day? Are you a ghost for you to be talking to the dead? muleikalafye ba mushanina bwali. I will sue you for defamation.”


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