B Flow denies apologizing to Bowman Lusambo

B Flow has denied apologizing to Lusaka Minister Bowman Lusambo. After he was seen visiting the statehouse and taking pictures with Bowman Lusambo.

Singer B Flow recently made headlines for speaking up against the government. After the minister threatened him to apologize, he refused and seemingly stood up for himself.

Several artists, organizations, and fans voiced out their support for B Flow and labeled him “voice of the voiceless.”

However, a photo of him dining and conversing with the minister has left many disappointed.

From the look of things, B Flow has apologized and reconciled with Honourable Bowman Lusambo.

However, the singer has refused the claim. He took to his social media pages to say he has not apologized to anyone, and that his reason for visiting the statehouse was to deliver a letter.

B flow apologize



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