B Flow Speaks out on Zambian Citizens’ Maltreatment by Foreigners

Multi-award winning Zambian artist, and founder of Music for Change namely B Flow has finally gotten some courage to speak out against the maltreatment of Zambian citizens by the Chinese.

This comes to light after some Zambian citizens faced mistreatment from their Chinese employers, and another one called a foreigner by a Chinese.

Regrettably, the government of the day seems to care less. And he has since condemned the act by stating that it is disappointing to see your own government taking sides with foreigners when you complain against the maltreatment.

The musician has since called on the Zambian citizens to wake up and see to it that no one treats them otherwise in their own land. He further urges the government leaders to put in the effort to protect the Zambian people against foreigners.

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