“Pa kanwa. Ka sambe.” Slapdee tells hater

Truth is, no one is immune to hurtful comments when it comes to social media. Yesterday Slapdee put some mean people in their place when they attacked him on his post.

During the infamous youth protests that have been going on in the country, many artists such as B Flow, Wezi, and even Macky 2 joined in the movement.

However, Slapdee decided to stay out of it and when questioned by fans he made it clear that he has no interest in political matters and will never use his platform for such.

So it is no surprise that fans came for him when he congratulated Malawi for voting wisely during their recent general elections.

Slapdee congratulates Malawi


Fans began to ask Slap Dee why he was talking about Malawi politics when he couldn’t talk about his own country’s political matters.

But King Dizzo was not having the hate and decided to clap back at the haters.

His responses were hilarious but the one that stood out was when a fan asked, “thought you said you ain’t into politics.” And his response was, “Pa Kanwa. Kasambe.”

Slapdee slams fan

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