“If a short guy enters your life marry him.” – Ruff Kid

Ruff Kid has got some advice for the ladies. “If a short guy enters your life, marry him,” he said. He is full of jokes y’all.

Ruff kid is a Zambian hip hop singer who has been in the game for a long time. In fact, people refer to him as a Zambian Lil Wayne. However recently he seems to be more of a comedian than a singer.

His social media accounts are full of things like, “A woman who doesn’t need a man has never met me.” Lol.

Although not all his jokes are met with positive humor. Recently he got himself in trouble with fans when he asked the ladies to send nudes to fellow singers Macky2 and B flow for speaking up for the youths. He was heavily criticized and accused of objectifying women.

But despite a few of his jokes being a little off, we sure don’t mind him taking up comedy as a second career.



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