7 reasons why being a Zambian producer is a gamble – B Flow

Zambian artist and activist B Flow uploaded a video on his YouTube channel talking about 7 reasons why being a Zambian producer is such a gamble.

Being a singer in Zambia is already a hustle talk less of a producer. Below are the reasons he gave.

7 reasons why being a Zambian producer is a Gamble

  1. The first reason he gave was that very few artists in Zambia are willing to pay for producer services. Often times artists just ask for favors expecting producers to give them free services. He said such mentality makes it hard for producers to earn an income.
  2. Too much sampling in the Zambian music industry.
  3. Many times producers and artists fail to make long term contracts. As a result, they fail to create long-lasting relationships.
  4. Too many bedroom studios – B flow noted that so many unskilled people have started bedroom studios, where they charge low rates, making it hard for professional producers to charge normal rates.
  5. No skills transfer – old and renowned producers at not willing to teach their skills to young and upcoming producers.
  6. No hardware in the country – We couldn’t agree more with B Flow on this one. Professional hardware is what has kept not only producers but also artists from reaching international heights.
  7. Lack of awards and appreciation for producers – the singer noted that in other countries when a singer is awarded for a song, the producer of the song is also awarded. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Zambian producers.

See the video below!


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