Wezi voices out for pan African song ‘My White Army’

Zambian singer and songwriter Wezi is among 11 Artists from 11 different African countries to lenWezi voices out for pan African song ‘My White Army’ der their voice to the pan African song called ‘My White Army’.

The song is in support of Frontline medical workers in Africa fighting against COVID 19.

The team has been put together by Doctor Rasha Kelej CEO of Merch foundation. It is written by Cwesi from Ghana. And it is in three different languages: Arabic, English, and French.

Wezi announced the news to her fans in a Facebook post. Furthermore, she thanked medical personnel in Zambia who has been working Frontline during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Apart from Wezi, the 10 other selected artists are:

  • Pass from Uganda
  • Cwezi from Kenya
  • Mahmoud Al Leithy from Egypt
  • Nikki from Nigeria
  • Rozzy from Sierra Leone
  • Salatiel from Cameroon
  • Sean K from Namibia
  • Sunita from Gambia
  • And Tom Close from Rwanda

Wezi voice out for pan African song 'my white army''

In an exclusive interview with Malawi’s voice, Dr. Rasha Kelej said of the new song, “I strongly believe it is important for the people on the Frontline; doctors, nurses, and health workers know how grateful we are.”

Further Dr. Rasha said, “I don’t want this to be a one-off thank you, but one that becomes a regular act of gratitude across our communities.”

Listen to the song below:


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