Vernon Daka aka DJ VJeezy relives his fight against Covid – 19


International club and festival DJ Vernon Daka, who is affectionately known as DJ VJeezy, gave his fans a look into his life-threatening battle against Covid 19.

DJ VJeezy was one of the patrons who contracted the virus from Grandday’s Shoka Nyama in Lusaka during the festive period.

His close friend and fellow DJ, King Nano, also contracted Covid-19 earlier this year from the Granddady’s, succumbed to it and sadly passed away. DJ VJeezy urged his fans to heed all Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines to help stop the spread of the virus.

Upon recovering, the DJ posted a lengthy update on his Facebook page where he described in great detail how he woke up with severe Covid symptoms in the early morning of January 1st, 2021.

The international DJ was truly grateful for the professional staff at UTH who took care of him and nursed him back to health. Their professionalism and care urged him to post his gratitude onto social media.

Below is his full Facebook post:

UTH Saved my life …..

January 1st at around 6am , I woke up and I was struggling to breathe . I was badly hit by Covid-19. I picked up the phone and called Dr Patel who was kind enough the day before to come to my house to test me and kept me under observation as he suspected I had Covid symptoms. He advised me to straight away go to UTH and I did . That morning was horrific ; I had a terrible fever , I could not breathe , it was a really close call .

Got to UTH , this was my first time my whole life at the university teaching hospital as a patient ; I had all these bad paintings in my head about the establishment . To my surprise , it turned out this is where I actually needed to be . Once they filled out my form with my details , they instantly began to treat me at casualties where I was given a bed and hooked to oxygen support . I was in bad shape, in fact, I didn’t think I was going to make it . A lady called Dr.Chibesakunda with her team of wonderful nurses did amazingly well in a short space of time . By the time I was leaving casualties a couple of hours later to the isolation facility for further treatment  I knew I was a survivor already , I had some life back . Dr Patel came by and gave me hope and assured me I’d be in safe hands and taken care of by specialists . I needed to hear those words .

Checking into the isolation facility gave me the creeps. I didn’t know what to expect , I didn’t wanna be there for sure but there was no other option . I said bye to my family and I stepped in , felt like I was walking the green mile . As I got in and they showed me my room , it was a very clean self contained room ; clean toilet and shower with hot water . I was so amazed. This is the side of UTH nobody talks about.

My 5 days in UTH were short . In fact, didn’t even feel like i was in 5 days . I had my entertainment and my phone which connected me to the outside world so basically I was good . The nurses were wonderful and the doctors were incredibly amazing . I was in safe hands , thank you to DR. Natasha Chikondi who played a huge role in my treatment . I was happy to be in the care of my high school junior DR. Chitalu Chanda and another old friend Dr Tilele Mwansa amongst other Covid specialists .

Your prayers and all the messages of hope kept me strong guys . Thank you very much. I may have not taken some of your calls or responded to your messages but I value  your thoughts deeply . I was just overwhelmed . A big thank you to Chomfwe and the Covid travel clinic for the prompt response and all the arrangements made . My treatment began from there .

To talk a bit about the disease itself ; all I can say is that it’s something I have never gone through . It’s deadly. It broke me down , that fever is hell . At one point I gave up . I felt I lost the fight. Yes it gets you down like that . The terror is not knowing whether or not you will make it.

I was one of those people that believed Covid-19 was just a hoax . It is real guys . Keep yourselves safe , we all know the guidelines. Let’s abide by them. Also please don’t self medicate , if you have Covid symptoms , go and get tested and see a specialist . The treatment of Covid is so much more than just taking azithromycin, vitamin C and Zinc . The hospital will observe you and treat you accordingly .

I’m well now and fully recovered . To God be the glory ??

The link to the original post is below:

It’s safe to say that as a community, everyone is grateful for his full recovery. Mask up and stay safe everyone.

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