Mampi & other artists stand up for B Flow amid Bowman Lusambo threats

Mampi, Bombshell, Pilato, and other Zambian artists have stood with fellow artist B Flow, amid threats from the minister of Lusaka, Bowman Lusambo.

B Flow, Kings Malembe, and Chellah Tukuta all took to social media to voice out their opinions on the oppression that the people of Zambia are facing at the hands of the ruling party – Patriotic Front.

Mr. Bowman Lusambo then issued a statement, threatening B Flow and his counterparts to apologize within 24 hrs.

In his statement, Mr. Lusambo said he would not tolerate anyone insulting the president. And would not allow such lawlessness to continue in Lusaka province. He further urged B Flow, Malembe, and Tukuta to apologize for those, “stinking nonsense!”

However, his threat has been met with a lot of backlashes, especially from the music industry. Mampi, Pilato, Bombshell, and Australian based OC have all voiced out in support of fellow artist B Flow.

Mampi wrote: “I stand with B Flow because I agree with everything he said. I stand with every well-meaning Zambian who stand up for their rights with no personal interest but the interest of all Zambians.”

B Flow Bowman threat

Pilato wrote in part; “Someone remind ba Lusaka minister that we are not cowards and if he wants to prove that let him continue on that self-destructive path he is walking on….”

B Flow Bowman threats

Although Kings Malembe issued a public apology after the threat, B Flow has now stood by his words. And following his stance, has been met with praise across the country for speaking up for the voiceless.

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