Finally Slapdee Speaks Out on the Current Revolution Agenda

The XYZ Entertainment HipHop artist Slapdee (King Dizo) has finally aired out his views on the current revolution happening in the country, as musicians keep taking the centre stage in expressing their displeasure with the current governance.

This comes after a number of people expressed concerns that Slap Dee has been quiet on the matter while his colleagues are at the forefront of doing everything possible to be heard.

In response, the artist has said he has decided to stay quiet because not every musician is an activist. And as far as he is concerned he will stick to doing what he is passionate about and has been doing for the past 13 years, and that is making music not doing politics.

He has since urged those involved to continue doing what they are doing without pushing him to make choices contrary to his passion. Meanwhile, he says, he will stick to making music and tik-tok videos.

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