Bobby East warns against fake accounts using his name to swindle people

Bobby East this morning took to his Facebook page to warn his fans against people using fake accounts in his name to swindle others.

“Guys i’m kind of tired of saying this but I’ll repeat for those in the back,” he said, “A lot of you are getting swindled by fake accounts…. please ask yourself why I would randomly text you asking for a k250. It’s not possible.”

Bobby East also cautioned people to be careful and watch themselves on social media.

Bobby East fake accounts

However, one Facebook user didn’t seem to believe it is not the real Bobby East behind the fake accounts. He commented recalling his own experience with an alleged Bobby East fake account.

The commenter who claimed to be a Tanzanian artist by the name of King Sharobaro said that Bobby East took k350 from him for a feature but refused to be in a song.

But Bobby East was quick to give him a befitting response saying, “If you’re out here offering k350 for a feature, then you probably deserve to be swindled. Unfortunately, it wasn’t by me boss.”

Bobby East fake account

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