Bobby East calls out Q FM for refusing to play his music

Remember the Bobby East PG days? Well, it looks like his career is still being haunted by those days as Q FM refuses to play his music.

Bobby East called them out on Twitter and also alleged that Q FM makes its presenters sign actual paperwork not to play his records. Including his features.

He wrote, “Q FM Zambia let’s kiss and makeup, my music is clean now. Why do y’all make your presenters sign actual paperwork not to play my records.”

Bobby East Q FM


When a concerned fan asked the reason why Q FM refuses to pay his music, Bobby simply replied by saying yesterday Q FM refused to play a stash record because Bobby is on it.

But it seems like Bobby East is willing to do anything to get on Q FMs good side. Even apologize. He wrote, “I am sorry to whoever I wronged.”

Fans are now calling on Q FM to play his songs. However, Q FM is yet to respond.

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