Y Celeb & T-Low’s “Ku Chalo” Collab Has Sparked Controversy

T-Low and Y Celeb joined forces to create a hit that was well-received by fans. However, things quickly turned sour as a rift between them developed. While a new song was born, so was a feud that was heating the music world.

The Zambian artists collaborated on Ku Chalo, but Y Celeb claimed full credit for the hit. T Low disagreed, and now there’s tension between them, causing a buzz in the industry.

Y Celeb even caused a scene when he tried to stop T Low from performing the song at a local food market in Kitwe.

T Low has alleged that Y Celeb wants to do the same thing to him that he did to Slapdee, another Zambian rapper he had a beef with. Whether this will lead to a rap battle or a legal dispute, stay tuned for updates.

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