Top 10 Hottest Songs From The Month Of April 2018

We all love good songs, No doubt about that If you think you do and you dont have all the 10 songs listed below, My Brother/Sister you’re still sleeping on a bicycle.

Without wasting so much of your time, here are the 10 Hottest songs of the month on your Favorite Music Blog.

1. Slap Dee Ft. Bobby East – For A Long Time

2. Chef187 & Tiye P – Chinja Ensaka

3. T-Sean Ft. Bow Chase – Speedometer (Burn Up)

4. Macky 2 Ft. Julius Malema – Signal

5. Drifta Trek Ft. Chef 187 – Ma Hip

6. Kiss B Ft. Tiye P & S Roxy – No Way

7. Jay Rox & J.O.B – Blessings

8. OC Osilliation – Stay

9. Shimasta – Soul Mate

10. Tiye P – Give Us A Signal


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