Nez Long sues liquid telecom for copyright infringement

Zambian artist Martin Moyo popularly known by his stage name Nez Long has sued liquid telecom for copyright infringement on his hit song “Keka“.

You must have heard the advert by Liquid telecom which uses the phrase “kilikiti ama deals yaiponena”. Which references Nez Long’s hit song “Keka“. Well, it turns out Liquid telecom has not paid its dues to the artist whose work they have sampled.

According to the watchdog, Nez Long said in a statement filed at Lusaka high court, Liquid telecom approached him seeking permission to use his lyrics to promote their products.

However, shortly after, Liquid telecom told Nez Long that the advert was suspended due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

However, Nez Long came across an advert by the company using the term which references his hit song.

Nez Long is claiming for general damages for copyright infringement. And for damages for fraudulent misrepresentation. Furthermore, he is seeking an order that the defendant renders an account of profits made from copyright infringement.” Watchdog stated.

Nez Long has not spoken publicly about this.

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